The Benefits of Riddles

Riddles can be relaxing; a good way to unwind after a long day, a great source of entertainment during social gatherings, and a hilarious way to frustrate your friends. If you find a good one, it could also turn out to be the most frustrating damn thing imaginable. Regardless, riddles and other logic-based puzzles have the ability to greatly improve many aspects of our lives.

So what exactly do riddles and puzzles do for us you might ask? Here are just a few of the many examples. They can:

  • Boost memory and processing speed
  • Improve brain activity and concentration
  • Drastically slow the effects and reduce the risk of dementia
  • Provide a source of entertainment and sense of accomplishment

Everyone knows that children need to be constantly playing games and doing puzzles to properly develop reasoning and problem solving skills, however the majority of us don’t realize that adults need to play “brains games” too, and frankly, the majority of us don’t do so nearly as often as we should. As we age, so does our brain, and if you don’t actively exercise it, you’ll end up like Great Aunt Beatrice and mistakenly bake your equally as deranged pet cat in the oven thinking it’s a nice Christmas fruit cake. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my elderly days at home on the couch shouting answers at the TV during Jeopardy than sitting in a retirement home being spoon fed apple sauce three times a day. Good News! Its not too late for you to drastically reduce the risk of this happening down the road.

As long as you do something to stimulate your mind daily, whether it might be solving a Sudoku, playing one of the many downloadable brain games on your phone, or my personal favourite, solving riddles, you’re on the right path to a longer, happier and more enjoyable life. Partaking in some form of mental stimulation for even just 15 minutes a day will do wonders for future you. However, remember to add variety to you exercise routine. Don’t just focus on one type of puzzle or game. Instead, try mixing it up every once in a while to achieve maximum results.


I in no way claim to be any sort of medical professional, or even to have any more knowledge on the subject than the average joe, so don’t take my word for anything stated above. I can’t make any guarantees, so just do your best to keep that brain active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Below are a few of the trickiest and most rewarding riddles I’ve come across so far. Feel free to link any more good ones you can find.

1. Einstein’s Riddle

This one was written by Albert Einstein himself and apparently he said that 98% of the world couldn’t solve it. Considering the fact that myself along with a couple of my equally as “sophomoric” roommates managed to figure this one out without too much trouble, I find it hard to believe that Einstein actually made this claim. Nonetheless, it’s a great one that will definitely get those creative juices flowing.

2. The World’s Hardest Logic Puzzle 

If you can solve this, you’re either a genius or have way too much time on your hands.

3. The Hobbit Riddles 

If Smeagol could think these up, I’m sure you could figure them out.


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